Lise’ Brinkley

Grant & Lise' Brinkley photo

Lise’ first performed with VCO in its November 2008 concert where she was one of the featured trumpet soloists playing Leroy Anderson’s Bugler’s Holiday.  Lise’ started playing the trumpet in 1969 out of a desire to play in church, something she continues on a weekly basis to this day.  She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music Education and has taught music lessons since 1979.  In addition to VCO and church, she can also be heard in the Roanoke area playing trumpet with Winds of the Blue Ridge and in the pit orchestras of various musicals.

Lise’s trumpet playing has in the past led to a host of interesting experiences.  These include performing at Busch Gardens from 1984-1994, traveling with Festival of Praise in 1986 and with The Spurrlows in 1987, and playing herald trumpet for the President.  Two months before Lise’ got married, she was invited to an audition for the President’s Own Band.  They flew her up to Washington, DC, for the audition where she had an amazing experience listening to all of the trumpet talent around her.  Although her future husband, Grant, had warned her that he wouldn’t marry her if she joined the military, she just wanted to go for the thrill of the audition.  To Grant’s relief, Lise’ didn’t make it into the band and the two of them did get married as planned.  Lise’, of course, also turned down a cruise ship job offered to her one week after they were married!

Lise’ considers her biggest accomplishment to be the successful completion of homeschooling her sons from kindergarten through high school.  This was great challenge that tested her limits but was ultimately a very rewarding experience.  These days, some of her greatest pleasures when not playing or teaching music come when she’s gardening or taking care of the family’s animals.

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