Joanne Spetzler

Joanne began her musical education in the public school system on Long Island, NY, where she was1-2001-08 Joanne fortunate to have the opportunity to learn how to play horn in the band using an instrument loaned by the school.  In 1987, after a fifteen year hiatus, Joanne resumed playing horn when the Roanoke Valley Community Band was formed.  Then, in 1997, she had her first experience in an orchestra, performing in the inaugural concert of Eurydice Community Orchestra of Roanoke, as VCO was originally named.


Over the years, Joanne has also enjoyed playing with Winds of the Blue Ridge, Bedford Community Orchestra, and various musical theatre and church orchestras as well as singing in her church choir.  Joanne is a member of the VCO Board of Directors and currently serves as Secretary.


Joanne has worked in the Roanoke area as a physical therapist since 1973.  When not visiting patients or playing music, she can be found enjoying the outdoors while hiking and birding in the mountains.

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