Gary Duerk

The fall of 2016 marked a milestone for Gary Duerk with his debut appearance as a performer in the gary-duerk-trumpetValley Chamber Orchestra trumpet section.  Although Gary played trumpet from age ten up to his college years, he didn’t resume playing until 2012 after his semi-retirement from Brown, Edwards & Company where he works as a certified public accountant.  During that year not only did Gary begin to work on regaining his trumpet playing skills (coached and encouraged by VCO’s Music Director, Ric McClure) but he also began serving on the VCO Board of Directors.

When Gary is not working on musical activities with VCO or with his church (hand bells and choir), Gary and his wife Barbara enjoy many outdoor activities including bicycling, hiking, canoeing, gardening, birding, and spending outdoor time with their grandchildren.  During the summers of 2011 through 2015, Barbara and Gary biked together across the entire USA, from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Astoria, Oregon following U.S. Bicycle Route 76.

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