Welcome to the Valley Chamber Orchestra’s profile page.  Find out more information about some of the musicians in the group by clicking on their names in the list below


 Shelbie Wahl-Fouts – Music Director

Ric McClure – Music Director 2017-2017

Jessica Allen – Trombone & Percussion

Lise’ Brinkley – Trumpet

Amanda Buchmeier – Violin

Letty Collins – Cello

Michael Dean – Double Bass

Camellia Delk – Violin & Viola

Gary Duerk – Trumpet

Kim Gregory – Cello

Rachel Hahn  – Cello

Gary Kraterfield – Bassoon

Bryan Matheson – Viola, Violin

Gretchen Miller – Flute

Pam Murray – Viola

Amy Rockhill – Violin

Hana Schwend – Viola

Joanne Spetzler – Horn


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